#YouTube fined by the #wacky courts of #German-land.


Source: http://www.techshout.com/images/youtube-logo-lawsuit-july08.jpg

Talk about favoring media industry to the max, German courts are never far behind in making stupid tech news or applying fines on tech companies.

From allowing the grand series of destabilized patent-cases to controlling decisions involving big telecom companies (with fines) — German courts have done em all.

Not sure why the German market even matters here, but apparently German courts have slammed Google/YouTube with a fine of $330K because they think YouTube is responsible for the dirty/plagiarized content on their website, not the users. Google is obviously fighting back, but don’t know why German courts are so ‘hasty’ with their decisions.

Realistically, there are 2 ways how YouTube works.

1) YouTube allows a platform, for video performers, personal videos and such to be uploaded/shared throughout the world – for free

2) YouTube also religiously runs a filtering system, in which case: if a complaint is made against a video, the available staff complies with the country’s royalty agency and bans/blocks/deletes the requested video.

Then how, in the name of your desired belief, is YouTube still liable for these videos?

FYI, this post is not against germans or the German court itself, but the sad decisions that are made against such tech companies is ridiculous. A few years ago it was Microsoft with the whole AntiTrust suit, no one came after Apple apparently even though they pretty much ‘ruled’ the handset universe and implemented their own software for programming apps and usage. Blah.

Anyway, the decision goes over my head, but think whatever you want to.

Source: Engadget