Who says #electric bikes can’t produce enough horsepower?? #200mph in under 7 seconds.


Source: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-2mOqU4wYBJ8/Tam qWJ6mfiI/AAAAAAAAAfg/cT1CeZmOTi8/s1600/Bild+2582.jpg

You think V8’s got the juice? V10? Ferrari? Or your regular Beemor?

You ain’t seen nothing yet, my friend.

Check this out, a guy known as “Spiderman” McBride created history on May 4, 2012. He’s the first ever human to break this record with an electric vehicle comprising of:
355 volts @ 200mph under 7 seconds.

The bike was built by Lawless Industries and Orange County Choppers (USA).

Source: Engadget