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Ever since the dawn of wireless networks, Canada’s market has been dominated by three big contenders: Telus, Rogers, Bell. One would assume having multiple corporations would help out the ‘free market’ and improve competition – reality is: it hasn’t (at all). In the “name” of competition, prices hovered just around the same digits, and the service hasn’t improved either. (oh that LTE/4G mumbo jumbo? If that were the case there wouldn’t be any CAPS on their sophisticated network). New technologies emerge at an ever-so-decreasing pace while package-prices keep on increasing showing how ‘liberal’ they are in their network expansion.

Enter the year 2009 and Canadian government allowed 3 new wireless entrants (Public, Wind, Mobilicity) to the Canadian market.

The problem? Wireless frequencies.

The Big 3 have survived (and pet-peeved) for so long in this country that they’ve ended up owning all of the *best frequencies* available to communicate. Sadly the only ones remaining are the ‘high-level’ frequencies – they were ‘happily’ provided to the new entrants. The reason why this ‘fact’ is important to mention is because these frequencies have a harder time penetrating walls/basements (hence the complaints). Regardless, the entrants have been trying to implement dozens of base-stations/towers to improve network connectivity.

Enter the year 2013, and the newbies are certainly gaining a lot of consumers thanks to their easy-to-read contracts (or lack thereof), easy-on-the-wallet packages, and awesome-phone-lineups! The only problem is again: the damn frequency. All of the new entrants require phones that are compatible with a certain frequency (AWS 1700/2100) and most of the good phones are only GSM compatible (the big 3), thus creating HEAVY confusion for the customers. Many of you have asked me this question personally about 100 times or so: “I want to switch my wireless company, but will my phone work on the new networks???”

Well, I found a link online (thanks to HowardForums) – a guide – that will answer all your questions and/or concerns about a phone that could/could not potentially work if you want to port your phone from Rogers/Bell/Telus.

Here’s the great summary:

  • iPhone- WILL NOT WORK ON MOBILICITY/WIND/PUBLIC period. This applies to ANY AND ALL iPHONES including iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S.
  • Phones bought from Rogers/Bell/Telus/AT&T wont work, but there are a few exceptions which I will go over.
  • Phones from T-Mobile USA WILL work on Mobilicity/WIND/PUBLIC. Please understand that Mobilicity/WIND is a 3G/4G ONLY network. so you need a 3G or 4G capable phone from T-Mobile.
  • Phones from Wind, Videotron, Cincinnati Bell will also work on Mobilicity.
  • 3G 2100 (IMT) IS NOT THE SAME AS 3G 1700/2100 (AWS)!!!!!! Look for NOTHING but the “1700” Mhz frequency. Nothing else matters. Mobilicity runs on 1700 Mhz and NOT 2100 Mhz!!!!

    If you DO NOT SEE THE NUMBER 1700 – it will NOT WORK!! Do not bother asking!

If you want to read the rest of the detailed guide, click here.
[guide written by HF member: xtachx]

Source: HowardForums