The #water-car. Use water as fuel!… believe or deny?


I’m not a scientist nor an engineer, but the initial thought of a car running on water sure sounds promising. Thanks to high gas prices and an extremely volatile stock market, dependability on oil has never been greater. In such difficult and expensive times, someone comes along and brings a solution that’s literally out of this world? Damn right people will be ecstatic about it. But before we jump the gun to our happy and perfect little dream worlds, let’s make sure we keep our logical hats on and try to (if not thoroughly) examine/analyze the situation here. I’ll be using 4 sources (credited towards the end of the page), to show you that by simply googling around I can find out ENOUGH information on the subject by myself rather than believe closed-minded e-mail fowardss and/or news channels that have been boasting about this topic as if they themselves are engineers.

The discovery – a water kit

Mechanical Engineer Agha Waqar Ahmad Khan from Khairpur gave birth to an idea of a car that uses water instead of gasoline as fuel. Khan says that he has a kit that can be attached to a vehicle’s engine. Using electrolysis, he can split water into its components, hydrogen and oxygen, which can be converted into Hydrogen gas as fuel for the vehicle making it the much talked about but never achieved perpetual motion device.

[Source 1]

The background

This ‘discovery’ comes from a nation in turmoil – Pakistan – not just economically, but culturally as well as politically. The nation is at a state where any sort of ‘discovery’ and or media frenzy will bring people together – it’s a good thing, however, the local media has blown this news out of proportion. I somewhat don’t blame them either – especially when you hear this: the ‘water kit’ is being supported (without proper proof or administration) by the local and provincial governors, engineers (nuclear) and scientists as well as the head of the state: Mr. Asif Ali Zardari. Despite of backlash from certain no-named and international scientists (who are against this discovery, without proof as well), Pakistani public has been supporting the idea day in and out. They are calling upon the world to give this ‘kit’ a chance.

The problem

The rebuttals that I’ve found which are continually mentioned across the board is the law of thermodynamics: conservation of energy (Physics) to be specific:

It states that the total amount of energy in an isolated system remains constant over time. The total energy is said to be conserved over time. For an isolated system, this law means that energy can change its location within the system, and that it can change form within the system, for instance chemical energy can become kinetic energy, but that energy can be neither created nor destroyed.


So what does that mean for the common man? All you need to know is: based on this law a ‘combustion’ engine (in all existing cars) creates kinetic energy – and adding a ‘water kit’ will logically not create energy that’s required in this ‘isolated’ environment, HENCE making Mr. Khan’s claim a fail. Then again, this is all based on minor research from bloggers.

There was a study done in Source 4 (by Popular Mechanics) – in which the author tried to test out a HHO electrolysis system (in 2008) to prove such claims as false. Oddly enough, in the end his kit worked but didnt help engine gain extra MPG (mileage).

The logic

So what should the logic say? My logic says: It all sounds good and dandy, it would certainly sound complicated to those who are completely unaware of the lingo – but the idea is so ‘magical’ that people just might believe it.

Using emotional and religiously biased statements like:
“Oh god has finally blessed this land with a magical discovery”
— or —
“Oh, the lord has finally given us a reason to live, for the nation to recover from economic disaster”

I feel sorry for the innocent ones because i know these statements would make them jump the ship (in the name of God) instantly. But my logic tells me to stop all thought processing for a moment.

It’s not EVEN about accepting or denying the fact, its about VERIFYING it with proof and details — and multiple sources on a global scale. We are talking about a discovery that can pretty much alter the face of human travel consumption. It’s a big discovery with a great amount of responsibility upon whoever discovers it. Once verified, THEN come up with a decision to celebrate or endorse or hate publicly.

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