#Nokia: Indoor GPS initiative (#In-Location)



You know what they say about companies who cant succeed alone? They form alliances. Alliances are a very crucial part of the industry. The analogy is to stand and work together if you want wide scale adoptibility of the product being presented. Nokia just annouced a new alliance of 22 companies (details in source) who will diligently work on a simple yet business-focused goal of an Indoor-GPS. We all know how Google revolutionized GPS capabilities and has been constantly improving on its own. Well, just like how Android was introduced and established (successfully), Nokia is trying to do something similar.

The focus of this initiative is to explore all options when it comes to benefits revolving around an indoor-gps. Could definitely help out with amusement parks, forests, camps, and get rid of our dependency on paper etc. Details are a bit scarce as to how this will be implemented, but my gut tells me we will probably have another app for the fuctionality.

The cost will probably be pushed to the stakeholders of this idea. Lets see id Nokia can step up its game.