Samsung trying to steal #RIM’s business market: #SAFE

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any tech company go through so much negative media publicity other than Blackberry (RIM). Take this news for instance.

Blackberry is known to be the Enterprise-King (after its tarnished customer segment). From data storage to multimedia communication devices, Blackberry is literally “the” choice for most (if not all) companies on a global scale. Ever since the arrival of competitive smartphone platforms, Blackberry has been struggling in all segments of the wireless playground. Consumer market is completely out of bounds, the only thing Blackberry was standing on was its Enterprise market, which unfortunately is also under severe attack. Nowadays, lots of companies have been reporting to allow their employees to use ‘alternative smartphone handsets’ alongside RIM phones – ouch.

The source article pertains to Samsung’s goal of directly attacking RIM’s remaining ‘safety for enterprise’ throne. “SAFE“, aka “Samsung Approved for Enterprise” is a security brand/concept by Samsung, labeling its flagship handsets to be completely compatible and secure with Enterprise servers. Seeing the way Samsung handsets are being flooded in store-shelves (and flown out), I don’t think RIM will stand a chance against competitors in the upcoming year, to say the least. Apple has been replacing BB handsets in many companies as well.

Market adaptability takes a lot of time, effort and good products (Apple vs RIM), but sometimes its the other way around (Samsung vs Apple) and things can take a change in no time. The amount of time RIM has been taking to develop its new platform is just far too long in this current-gen world where everyone (Microsoft, Mozilla, Google, Apple, BlackBerry, etc) is trying to develop a new software eco-system with next-gen hardware on an almost monthly basis. On top of this, media has been attacking RIM negatively from left and right anyways due to pathetic devices – and this news is definitely not helping their media-image.

The point is, I have a feeling it might be a little too late for RIM to catch up back to the #1 spot. I wish them the best of luck to remain a company and at least keep our smartphone prices going south. You never know though, when Apple was going strong no one thought Android could come around and give it a hard time – maybe BB OS 10 could do the same? Time will tell.

Source: TechCrunch