#SeaOrbiter: a tower riding the waves


USS-Enterprise has been planning to develop a research-vessel the size of a building since 2005. After unknown delays, the construction of this project is finally underway.

The ship will be approximately 170 feet tall and is estimated to cost $51 million USD. Due to the ship’s size, it will float on the oceanbed vertically, while 35% of it will be underneath the ocean during ‘cruise’ mode. It will also be very efficient: the vessel will have renewable energy resources to run, like water, waves, solar, and biofuels. This behemoth is scheduled to ride the waves collecting and preserving important oceanic data in 2013.

After years of exploring deserted rocks across the galaxy (planets), and spending trillions on an extremely volatile stock market – I believe this is a perfect time to explore the oceans, who knows we might find several new alternative resources – this was long overdue anyway (in my opinion).

Take a look at some pictures here.

Source: Engadget