Efficiency in toilet-systems?

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Whether you like the topic or not, fact of the matter is we all go and unload our ‘waste’ on a daily basis. Some more than others, and some… stinkier or dirtier than most.

*Awkward* ALRIGHT ALRIGHT FINE, but that still doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it, especially when it comes to its disposal. We’ve been surviving on disposal-systems of the past gouging water like a thirsty camel.

Wait a second, you know what? It’s actually worse than a camel – because camels efficiently preserve and use water as energy to travel. The toilet system of today simply uses clean water without giving anything back to earth! Considering the fact we are living in the year 2012 with efficient technological gizmos like tablets and smartphones aloft, the toilet systems of today don’t necessarily match the kind of attitude or goal we hope to achieve through the whole concept of green-energy efficiency and global warming. The toilet-systems of our times should also preserve as much water/technology as possible, or at least give something back! ‘Waste removal’ is not just a viable option anymore, we need to do more than ‘delete’ it out of our sights.

Step into today and finally there’s a group of scientists in Singapore (Nanyang Technological University) that would like to talk and actually DO something about it. No-Mix Vaccuum Toilet is the name given to their prototype, its designed to neutralize our wastes and extract nitrogen, potassium, methane and phosphorous from them. This prototype should be in place towards the end of the year, and the scientists hope for mass production within 3 years.

Before I dive into the details of how great this new toilet is, here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia on our current toilet systems. It’s shocking how much water is ‘wasted’.


Even after an upgrade to our toilet systems, we’re still using an average of 4-6 litres of water, per flush per DAY. That’s insane.

The No-Mix toilet prototype is designed to use approximately 90% less water than usual, meaning each flush will use about 0.2 to 1 litre of water per flush. Here’s another problem though, our wastes don’t always appear in one shape/form. So in order to meet that criteria the No-Mix toilet comes with a smart ‘waste segregation’ system. This system distributes solids and liquids evenly while converting them (or extracting out) important chemicals/minerals that exist in our waste.

See, I bet you didn’t know that our wastes were actually useful if scanned through proper extraction systems. That’s why it’s good to talk about things.

Source: Engadget