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What does Power and Food have in common?.. Nothing significantly exciting, except for the fact how much we love to consume them. Since we’re busy consuming these limited-resources we seem to forget how these consumable items are also dependent on others. Food is dependent on weather and human beings for preparation, distribution, and, supply channels. Meanwhile power is dependent on minerals, generators, and the likes. Without power there’s NO internet, databases, or any way to communicate. Modern life, as we know it, would cease to exist without power.

Let’s say we face an apocalypse. Power generators are out. The world is in turmoil and there’s no power. The world sucks now. No internet! What if, there’s a YouTube video that you’d LOVE to watch right now (never know what kind of wish erupts within you) and luckily you gain access to YouTube servers. There’s no power available, but what if you could CREATE a quick electric charge to power up the server and watch the video? What should we create that can easily regenerate power?

Create a system that generates electricity by simply: pedaling.

The initiative is called Pedal-A-Watt. It’s a 120vac light-weight pedaling system that can attach itself to any bicycle, converting kinetic energy into electric energy. It’s great for small to medium appliances (depending upon how much you pedal). It comes with USB ports, car-inputs, and the likes. The system is capable of producing 200watts an hour, which means (for example) – if you are to pedal for an hour you can create enough power to light a bulb for approximately 8 hours. As mentioned earlier, there are different packages available on their website, including one that produces 400watt an hour – it costs around  $339.99 USD – which I think is not a bad price at all. The website has a lot of hoo-haa about satisfied customers, but what really stands out is that the company has been in business for over 14 years and comes with a lifetime warranty.

I’d buy one!!!! Imagine the amount of YouTube servers I’ll be able to re-charge thanks to this system! WOOHOO!

Source: Gizmag, Engadget, ConvergenceTech