Type with your eyes.. wink to click!

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There’s been a TON of research lately on helping out disabled individuals in tech-communication. R4T has covered topics ranging from brain scanning to controlling human-like robots through the brain. But this one is special, easily implemented and cheap to reproduce!

Folks at Imperial College (London, UK) have come up with a way to simply use your eyes to type and interact with the computer (whether it be playing games, surfing, emailing etc.) A handful of eye gestures can be used to type and perform actions. Imagine wearing a pair of glasses attached with 2 cameras (per eye) that are constantly monitoring the movement of your pupils. Simply perform a wink gesture to click. The test subjects demoed the prototype with Pong (video game) and a word processor (typing). The learning curve (calibration) is approximately 10 minutes, after which subjects were able to type through their eyes with an accuracy rate of 20%. The percentage represents the success-rate of the project. Realistically, that’s a phenomenal advantage and improvement. I mean the positive number is a lot better than not being able to communicate at all.

As mentioned earlier, this tech is apparently CHEAP – costing $65 USD to develop the first prototype using available hardware resources. The system is being upgraded to recognize physical movements, possibly helping out disabled patients move robots around with their eyes.

How does it work?

Source: Engadget, TheVerge