An #OS (operating system) for your #T-Shirt /uploads/2012/08/TshirtOS.jpg

Imagine a tShirt that you can fully customize with your own desired branding/logo, would you be interested? The folks at think so!

This ‘shirt of the future’ can be easily programmed by your smartphone and is equipped with an accelerometer, LED display, speaker/microphone. For now its a prototype, but the amount of features are pretty desirable for anyone wanting to get attention through their shirts. Display your tweets, facebook status, random text, random image/logo.

In my opinion, this could work for those who are crazy about branding/logos on their shirts. For the rest of us, we can buy *new* brand-less shirts till this trend becomes viral.

I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking, and will leave you to judge this initiative yourself.