From earth to sun: at ultra high speed, via ‘geomagnetic storms’

Scientists have been desperately trying to find alternative ways to travel faster and farther than their ‘fuel-based’ propulsion jets for years. It seems like a researcher at University of Iowa might have found a ‘natural solution’ to their problems.

According to the research, our beautiful Earth is surrounded by “hidden” magnetic portals. These portals show up every now and then (and quite consistently), enabling energy particles to travel faster than a speeding light’… well not really but here’s what Mr. Scudder has to say (lead researcher).

Scudder says that these portals “create an uninterrupted path leading from our own planet to the sun’s atmosphere 93 million miles away.
[Source: Gizmodo]

Prior to this research the idea was only a hypothesis; Scudder has actually discovered a way to locate the exact ‘x’ point (as they refer it), which is the meeting point of these radiation rays (as indicated in the image above).

So, realistically we’re a bit far away from transporting spaceships or people at the speed of light, but at least we’re getting there. By 2014, NASA will have spaceships ready to monitor such frequencies and ‘x’ points – hopefully this makes space travel a bit easier for those interested and willing.

Source: Gizmodo