The ‘proper’ way to #destroy the #Internet 17niphm8fvon3jpg/original/RS/w680.jpg

I seriously doubt if anyone would want to do this. But, some day, if you do decide to get your hands dirty and want to annihilate the Internet (for whatever reason it may be) – reading this article should prepare you quite a bit.

The article’s somewhat lengthy, however, the graphics and images will make it easier to visualize where to start, how to plan, and exactly where to execute.

Bottom line is: you better have a lot of people/equipment backing you up globally to do this – and knowing how precious the internet is to people and our well-being now…. the VERY best of luck to you.

R4T Summary: Hurt the software converting numbers into websites (DNS Servers) by targeting databases (physical locations) with hammers, and then cut the wires that are located along the coastlines of SEVERAL countries, we’re talking about TRUNKS of wires not just a regular cable in your household.

On the bright side, at least you’ll get to visit beaches…. =/

Check out the destruction plan here.

Source: Gizmodo