Google Maps: #Underwater #GPS? /2012/09/26/li-google-underwater -620/RS/w680.jpg

Technology has significantly improved earth exploration to its finest pixel. First company that comes to mind would be Google. Gathering data from satellites, driving around town with camera-equipped cars, going to forests/mountain areas and capturing images for tourists — Google has done everything and has pretty much been EVERYWHERE.

Guess what though, not everywhere :).

Google’s next project is to fully explore the seas, oceans, rivers, and valleys — that’s right they want to do a thorough exploration of the land under the sea. Google has partnered up with Catlin SeaView Survey – a company known for taking excellent underwater images. With their skills and technology combined, Google is aiming to create “one of the most user-friendly maps in the world” for tourists. Their tablet-controlled camera, known as the “SV2”, is capable of going 30 metres deep while connecting to available satellites and geo-tagging itself automatically. This makes the 360-degree panoramic image capturing an easy task.

They are focusing on “coral reefs” for now – as a pilot project. I can’t wait till they start capturing the ‘deep dark regions’ of the seas – where not a lot of explorers or machines have gone before (literally – because of atmospheric pressure).

Source: CBC