#Robots: #AlphaDog — Future soldier companion, thanks #DARPA

http://www.extremetech.com/wp-content /uploads/2011/09/1934479.jpeg

The future is now and all your pets will be robots… that’s what I said after looking at this little… dog-like… thing.

DARPA (along with partnership with Boston Dynamics) has been beta-testing this robotic dog-like device, named the LS3 (aka Legged Squad Support System). It’s objective in life will be to automatically follow humans or give equipment-lifting support to army troopers during missions. The difference between this version of LS3 and other robots is the way its legs are designed. They’re not really ‘legs’ – they are robotic-LIMBS. These limbs have a unique way of balancing objects, sort of like how mammals are designed. One step closer for a machine to be an animal (Terminator reminder, anyone?).

For humans, this is a marvelous achievement. Just look at the way this thing moves. It’s capable of sprinting at 5 MPH and carrying 400 pounds of weight (that’s very impressive) and ofcourse, with the flexibility of its legs it can climb steep hills and go through bushes with minimal sound.

Researchers are currently trying to decrease the amount of noise and increase the speed of this companion.

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Source: Engadget