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Rant4Tech [R4T] has one vision; to speak freely, but logically, responsibly, and truthfully against bad tech journalism. The blogs will stand and talk against those who overprice, overhype, monopolize, and infect technological trends with evil business tactics. Many companies working under the technological umbrella tend to believe that they are right in whatever they are doing, their larger than life revenue/wealth has blinded them against the whole reason why technology even entered our lives.

R4T is a place where ranting is done to preserve the true nature of tech, which is to: share, innovate, monetize, invest, and eventually improve human ways of life. It’s a Tech-blog, so we’ll be sharing news from several websites; including: engadget, gizmodo, crackberry, dslreports, techdirt and others [.com]. Full credit will be provided for sharing the source link, and any news posted (unless otherwise notified) is the property of the sole website the news is being taken from.

R4T will speak against dumb, and unjust tech-journalism and will try to give a straight up view (and sometimes in-depth) and opinions on the latest tech trends.


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